Anonymous said: YEESSSSS! I feel like sometimes when he talks he gets tired this makes me so sad :(

i think so too it’s really rEALLY adorable, like he talks so much but it looks like it’s such a task for him but he still talks a lot. then there’s times where he can’t figure out what he’s trying to say and he just sits there rewording his sentence over and over. like this is after he did that once

he just closes his eyes and moves on he’s so cute :((

Anonymous said: hey adi! could you link me to ur writing please :-/ sorry I'm probably being annoying. I love your blog.. and Niall hahaha

no ur not annoying!! here you go!

Anonymous said: I like seeing niall speaking you can literally see his accent

YOU’RE SO RIGHT oh my god!! and it looks like it takes a lot of effort for him to say his words too, idk why he just talks sooo cute :((

Narry reaction when the interviewer says Niall’s name wrong on Today Show (x)